Do you have a choice?

You and I are surrounded by Textiles in forms ranging from clothes and bags to carpets and shoes. But do you know it is one of the world's biggest polluter? The materials that textiles are made of have a significant impact. 

More than 75% of it is polyester and cotton. Polyester is plastic. Each piece of cloth sheds thousands of microplastics forming 33% of the plastic problem and leads to health hazards. Cotton needs inappropriately high amount of water and accounts for 24% of the world's pesticides usage. 

DO YOU HAVE A CHOICE? You do!!! That too while picking smarter material. 

Materials that are

 Environmentally Sustainable + Socially inclusive + Functionally superior 

The goodness of our fibres!


Environmentally sustainable

Environmentally sustainable

Environmentally sustainable

  • Uses ¼ the water cotton uses
  • Organic
  • RejuvenatesLand- Acts as Carbon Sink
  • Stops farmers from burning agro-waste 
  • No microplastics, Completely bio-degradable


Socially Inclusive

Environmentally sustainable

Environmentally sustainable

  • Up to 300% increase in economically distressed farmers’ income 
  • Enhanced livelihood opportunities in rural areas
  • Additional income for the poor farmers who otherwise burn the agro-waste


Superior quality

Environmentally sustainable

Superior quality

  • Anti-microbial– keeps bad smell and bacteria away
  • Breathable in summers due to high air permeability that quick fights sweat.
  • Warmth in winter
  • Naturally Anti – UV
  • Thermal and Sound Insulation 

Proprietary technology

Proprietary technology that hits the right business fit

Through our global supply chain we collect agro-waste of certain plants from across continents. The waste is brought to our factory where through environmentally friendly processes and using NO hazardous chemicals we converts the waste into textile grade fibres. Our fibres are a profitable business fit with following three execution aspects:

Right Economic Fit

We make sustainable materials that have the right monetary, time and resource costs.

Compatible with infrastructure

These materials work seamlessly with infrastructure across spinning, weaving, and dyeing.  

Steady and scalable supply

We assure timely, steady and high quantity supply of these fibres. 



Hemp Textile Fibres

Find the best quality bast fibres that can be blended with cotton, polyester, viscose, modal, etc. Run it seamlessly on you ring spinning, compact or open end spinning systems


Hemp Yarns

Get the blended yarns as per the count and the blend needed. Both Knit and weaving yarns possibles.


Fibres for papers, insulation and non-wovens

Buy fibre for paper application, non-woven applications and insulation sheets (thermal and acoustics).  

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